MS State University Research and Curriculum Unit
Founded in 1965, the RCU contributes to Mississippi State University's mission as a land-grant institution to better the lives of Mississippians with a focus on improving education. In particular, the RCU benefits K-12 and higher education by developing curricula and assessments, providing training and learning opportunities for educators, researching and evaluating programs, supporting and promoting career and technical education, and leading education innovations.
MDE: Career and Technical Education

At The Office of Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Workforce Development, we help train a qualified workforce for today’s competitive job market. Our research-based programs meet national and/or accreditation standards. They also constantly evolve in response to changing workforce needs. Because Career and Technical Education is critical to our state's economic development, we often partner with local business leaders and legislators to achieve common goals.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses help students develop marketable job skills and earn national industry certifications needed to achieve their occupational goals.

In Mississippi, CTE courses are widely available. At more than 500 schools and 15 community and junior colleges, CTE instruction is offered in 49 distinct occupational areas. Students may enroll in CTE programs in secondary, postsecondary or short-term adult sessions, as well as through industry training or business and industry partnerships.