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Okolona Municipal Separate School District

Dr. Paul Moton, Superintendent of Education

411 West Main Street Okolona, MS 38860

Tel. 662.447.2352 

Email: [email protected]


    Mrs. Lorene Barr, Board President

          Dr. Fred Gandy, Board Vice President

       Mrs. Dorothy Blanchard, Board Secretary

        Mrs. Rashmi Price, Board Assistant Secretary

        Mrs. Barbara Carouthers, Board Chaplain


         Dr. Paul Moton, Superintendent




    Mr. Kenneth McGaha                                              John M. Tacker

 Assistant Superintendent                                          Director of C.T.E.

     Federal Programs                                           Director of Transportation

662-447-2353 ext. 1009                                           662-447-2353 ext. 2002


  Mrs. Sandra Murray                                             Ms.Vanetta Sykes

Director of Special Services                                  Director of  Food services

662-447-2352 ext. 1004                                            662-447-2353 ext. 1017


   Mr. Phil Anderson                                                        Mr. Lesley Mabry

Technology Coordinator                                           Director of Maintenance

Fixed Asset Manager                                        Coordinator of Transportation


  Ms. Lasherica Shaw                                                     Mrs. Peggy Bush

Chief Financial Officer                                             Curriculum Facilitator

662-447-2353 ext.                                                             District Testing



  Mrs. Tonya Little

Executive Assistant to

 the Superintendent

662-447-2353 ext. 1000