Free Basketball Camp at OES

12-21-21 thru 12-31-21 / Tuesday -Friday
9am - 10:30am / Ages 14-17
11am - 12:30pm / Ages 10-13
1pm - 2:30pm / Ages 6-9
*Registration is required by sending the parent's contact info, as well as the participants name(s) and age(s) to
*Participants, approved volunteers, city officials, school officials, and law enforcement are the only ones allowed in the gym during session times
*Participants will be turned away if not wearing athletic attire to sessions
*Sessions will start on time and end on time. Doors will close 5 minutes after the posted session start time
*Participants may bring cell phones however they must be secured and only accessed during break times
*Participants are asked to leave personal items such as basketballs, jewelry, etc., at home
*Participants are required to bring their own snacks and/or water
*Each camp session will be available for viewing on the Facebook Live platform