January Return to School

OMSD Parents, As we prepare to return to school next week on Tuesday, January 5th, we are asking for your help to keep our schools safe and healthy in the new year.  If your child or anyone in your household has tested positive for COVID-19, or been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, during the Holiday Break, please notify us by clicking on the link. https://www.okolona.k12.ms.us/apps/form/form.OKOMSS.skIIVG2.1bn?_=1609391888525 It is very important for your child's school to be informed about any COVID-19 cases or exposures that occurred among your household since Friday, December 18th.  Thank you in advance for helping Okolona's students begin the new year in healthy schools.  We look forward to seeing your child back in class on Tuesday, January 5th.  Happy New Year!
** Meal pickup for OMSD distance learners will resume on Wednesday, January 6, 2021.**

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