District Newsletter


Dexter T. Green, Superintendent of Okolona Municipal Separate School District


Dear Parents and Teachers:

The faculty, staff, and administrators of this great school district will like to thank you for supporting and entrusting us with the community’s greatest resource, your children.  We are dedicated and committed to building a better Okolona School District for our students and community. I am very proud of our academic accomplishments this past school year through the relentless efforts of our outstanding teachers, staff, and administrators.  With effective teaching practices and the use of educational technology programs, our students read almost 13 thousand Accelerated Reader Books while being exposed to more than 75 million words this past school year.  Also, the students attempted to answer more than 2 million grade level questions using Study Island Online Assessment Program in preparation for all state examinations.

The Okolona School District made significant academic growth in 16 of 19 tested categories.  We had (4) classes to exceed the state average on the Mississippi Assessment Program (3rd Grade Math, 8th Grade Science, Algebra I, and Biology).  The kindergarten students showed tremendous growth on the kindergarten readiness assessment. The 3rd grade students posted a 93% passing rate on the Third Grade Reading Gate.  Also, the district has one of the lowest drop-out rates (8.5%) in the state of Mississippi.  Okolona High School had the highest graduation rate in Chickasaw County and third highest in Northeast MS. The state graduation rate is 81% and the national average is 83%; which our school far exceeded both averages with a graduation rate of 88%.

The District Leadership Team has worked diligently this summer to prepare for another great school year.  We are extremely excited about our returning and new staff members to the Okolona School District.  Mrs. Murray, Principal at Okolona Elementary, Dr. Hill, Principal at Okolona High School, and Mr. Tacker, Director at Okolona Career and Technical Complex were very successful in recruiting and attracting highly qualified faculty and staff to work with students in the district.

We are pleased to welcome the following new teachers to the Okolona School District:  Okolona Elementary:  Mr. Willie Mounce, Math Coach/ Interventionist, Ms. Neiko Judon, Counselor, Ms. Sonya Orr-Calvert, Assistant Librarian, Ms. Tammy Pointer, 3rd Grade Teacher, Ms. Leah Fears, 5th Grade Teacher, Ms. Sharon Townsend, 5th Grade Teacher, Ms. Janet Deans, ARMS- Tutor,  Ms. Frances Carter, ARMS- Tutor,  Ms. Terrica Orr, ARMS- Tutor, Ms. Alexis Nabors, ARMS- Tutor, Ms. Raven Gillard, ARMS- Tutor, and Ms. Kaye Randle, ARMS- Tutor.    Okolona High School:  Mrs. Monica Harvey, 7th Grade Science/Biology, Ms. Kai-Sonju Witherspoon, English I & II, Mr. Kenneth Evans, World History/MS Studies, Ms. Sheena Deans, SPED Teacher,  Ms. Latonya Mayfield, English III & IV, Ms. Joycelyn Todd, Band Director, Coach Wallace Harvey, Head Football Coach/ Physical Education,  Ms. Sonya Orr-Calvert, Assistant Librarian and Mr. Markenston Jean Louis, Assistant Principal.  Okolona Career and Technical Complex: Ms. Colleen Ray, Counselor.  Also, you will see some familiar faces in new places: Mr. John Tacker, Director at the Okolona Career and Technical Complex, Mrs. Darla Potou, 5th Grade Science Teacher at Okolona Elementary, and Ms. Hillary Bevill, 6th Grade Math Teacher at Okolona High School.  We are very enthusiastic about the possibilities that these new staff members bring to their new positions.

School districts in Mississippi are required to adhere to State School Board policies as it pertains to student registration.  A student will not be admitted in school without two proofs of residency, a certified birth certificate, and immunization records. Please visit our website at www.okolona.k12.ms.us for Student and Employee Handbook information.  For additional information, feel free to call or visit our district office. We look forward to serving the educational needs of students in the Okolona Municipal Separate School District.

With great appreciation,


Dexter T. Green, Superintendent





Important Dates to Remember!

August 7, 2017 Student’s First Day
August 10, 2017 Meet the Chieftains Day (Fall sports team, band, cheer teams, and football team)
August 11, 2017 Pre-Season Jamboree: Okolona versus Nettleton at Home 6pm
August 18, 2017 Okolona versus J. Z. George at Home at 7pm
August 25, 2017 Okolona versus East Webster at Home 7pm
September 4, 2017 Labor Day Holiday (District Closed)