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Successfully reaching and teaching all students.



The Okolona School District will provide all students with a quality education that meet and exceeds state learning standards in a safe and secure learning environment.



  • All children can learn.
  • We believe in a positive environment where faculty and staff care about students.
  • We believe that parental involvement encourages student achievement.
  • Students come first; all students will have equal opportunities for success.
  • We believe in fairness and equity in allocation of resources.
  • We believe in the effective use of resources.
  • We believe in school/community partnership.
  • We must prepare our students for life after high school.


OHS will become a “C” Performing School.


OHS will meet AMO in all MCT 2/SATP 2 categories.


OHS parents, teachers, and staff will work as a professional learning community.


OHS will provide students with a safe, secure, and nurturing learning environment. OHS will integrate technology to enrich, reinforce, and increase student learning.


The Okolona Municipal School District (OMSSD) is committed to developing a technology enhanced educational environment where each student has the opportunity to reach his or her maximum potential in a clean, orderly, positive, and safe atmosphere.  All students from pre-k through adulthood will enjoy the mutual benefits of an enhanced educational environment where communication, cooperation, self-directed learning, and life-long learning will prepare them for the world of work or higher education.  Utilizing quality leadership, diverse resources, and emerging technologies will allow OMSSD to enhance each stakeholders’ educational experiences as the world shifts from the Industrial Revolution to an information-based, technologically oriented society and economy.




The Okolona Municipal Separate School District is in compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1962, including regulations in vocational education, Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. District policy assures that one shall not on the grounds of race, color, age, religion, homelessness, national origin, sex, handicap be excluded from participation in, be denied benefits of, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination in any program or activity of the school. The Vocational Center encourages males and females to enroll in non-traditional jobs. Copies of the Title IX policy of the Educational Amendments of 1972 are available in the principals’ offices upon request. The home and address of the Title IX Equity, Section 504, and Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator is Ms. Zawartha Triplett, P.O. Box 510. Okolona, MS 38860.


Mobility-impaired and individuals with disabilities needing special assistance with gaining access to schools and district offices located within the Okolona Municipal Separate School District may contact Mrs. Beverly Smith, Executive Administrative Assistant at (662) 447-2353 for further assistance.


District Office has a special entrance for mobility-impaired and individuals with disabilities located at 411 W. Main Street on the south side of the three-story building located next to the cafeteria.  The entrance is marked with a blue handicap accessible sign near handicap parking space with doorbell for individuals who may need special assistance.




The Okolona School District subscribes to the standards of educational opportunity mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Every effort will be made to meet the educational needs of the district’s students. For more information contact Ms. Zawartha Triplett, P. 0. Box 510, Okolona, MS 38860, telephone: 447-2362 – Ext. 3004.




Mr. Dexter Green, Superintendent

Mrs. Hoskins, Federal Programs Coordinator

Ms. Zawartha Triplett, Special Education Director/504 Coordinator

Mrs. Cassandra Trimble, Business Manager

Mrs. Beverly Smith, Administrative Assistant

Mr. Phil Anderson, Technology Coordinator




Certified Staff

Christopher Hill, Principal

John Tacker, Asst. Principal/Athletic Director

Atoya Banks, Counselor

Barbara Lucas, Math

Roselyn Miller, Math

Pam Marshall, Math

Dorothy Buchanan, Read 180

Carolyn Hoskins, ELA

Pamela Lehman, ELA

Megan Duff, ELA

Summer Smith. ELA

Renee, Pounds, ELA

Jack Clark, P.E./Coach

Susan Aycock, Science

Arteria Clifton, Science

Darla. Poutoa, Science

Michelle Frenssen, Science

Jacqueline Brown, Technology (STEM)

Fransen Issac, Technology (ICT I& II)

Wilma Hogan, Performing Art

June Dotson, Special Education

Annette Stegal, Special Education

Lakiesha Ivy, Special Education

Marcie Ivy, Library/Teacher

Emily Porter, Speech Therapist

Grady Stegall, Social Studies

Ross Robinson, Social Studies

Sierra Comers, Social Studies

Jacob Gentry, Social Studies

Kem Coleman, Band Director

Jack Clark, P.E./Coach


Non-Certified Staff

Lesley Mabry, Distance Learning Facilitator

C.J. Lathan, ISS Instructor

Colbry Lathan, Alternative School

Autumn Bankhead, Asst. Librarian

Teresa Blanchard, Administrative Assistant




Certified Staff

Amy Anderson, Director

Mary Glynn Arledge, Counselor

, Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management

, Health Sciences

, Automotive Service

Dwayne Singleton, Construction

Kristi Steele, Marketing

Kay Tackitt, Student Services





Letter from Superintendent



I am so proud of the significant advancements we have made in student achievement at Okolona High School and at the Okolona Vocational Center.  It is my professional goal to provide the educational leadership, support, and fiscal resources required to help students meet and exceed national and state learning content standards.  District administrators and I will lead district efforts in providing students with a quality education designed to prepare students to graduate from high school, pursue post-secondary education, and/or prepare students for careers upon graduating from high school.


If we are to continue to successfully reach and teach all students in the Okolona School District, it will take parents, students, teachers, the community, and district administrators working together to support student achievement.  The Okolona School District is committed to creating and cultivating a district culture that will be fueled by hard-work, dedication, and commitment to reaching and achieving very high academic standards.  We are relentlessly dedicated to ensuring that your child reaches his/her fullest potential as a student in our school district.


We are thanking you in advance for entrusting the Okolona School District to properly educate and expose your sons and daughters to a better way of life through education.  With parents, teachers, students, and school administrators working together, miracles can and will happen!


With kindest regards and great appreciation, I am


Educationally yours,

Dexter Green

Superintendent of Education











The Mississippi Education for Homeless Children Program has adopted the definition of homelessness developed under the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act:


A homeless individual is one who:


  1. Lacks a fixed, regular and adequate residence, for example:
  2. agricultural migrant children
  3. children living on the “streets” (i.e. tents, vehicles)


  1. Has a primary nighttime residence in a supervised publicly or privately operated shelter
  2. children who have been abused and/or neglected
  3. children of domestic violence
  4. welfare hotels, transitional housing


  1. Temporarily is staying with relatives or friends because of job loss, other income loss, housing loss (“double up” families or affidavit)


Homeless does not include:

Excluded from the definition of homeless “any individual imprisoned or otherwise detained pursuant to an Act of Congress or a state law.”




Okolona High School

Parental Involvement Policy


Section I:

It is our belief that effective parent involvement programs must be designed to provide leadership for home-school partnership and to promote schools’ commitment to building-level planning and improvement.  We will, to the extent possible, provide full opportunities for the participation of parents with limited English proficiency, parents with disabilities and parents of migratory children, including providing information and school reports in a language that the parent can understand.


It shall be the policy of the Okolona High School:


  1. To provide coordination, technical assistance, training, support and resources to assist schools in planning and implementing effective parent involvement programs through the leadership of the district’s Office of State and Federal Programs;


  1. To build the schools’ capacity for stronger parent involvement programs through the provision of site based management;


  1. To involve parents in the development/evaluation of school plans and policies through the provision of district-level consultation with the office for State and Federal Programs, the Parent Advisory Council, and other district-wide planning committees;


  1. To enhance efforts to meet the total needs of families and schools by coordinating services and strategies with existing community agencies, programs and businesses:


  1. To reserve resources required by federal law and provide additional resources needed for effective implementation of all parent involvement components.


Section II:


It shall be the policy of the school (Administrators, Teachers, and Support Staff):


  • To promote an inviting atmosphere for parents to feel accepted and to share in the responsibility for their child’s academic progress;


  • To support the efforts of parents by providing flexibility in meeting/conference times, purposes and locations;


  • To convene annual meetings to explain to school programs, policies and plan;


  • To involve parents in planning and evaluation procedures;


  • To provide timely information regarding meetings, activities, and requests


  • To provide prompt, personal responses to parents; requests and recommendations;


  • To strengthen the effectiveness of parents’ ability to work with their children at home by providing training and support;


  • To provide school performance profiles that clearly show parents the school’s progress toward meeting state standards;


  • To provide opportunities for parents to assist in the instructional process at school and at home;


  1. To provide regular, timely information for parents about their child’s participation and progress in all educational programs;


  1. To utilize creative, timely means of communication with parents;


  1. To model positive communication with parents and practice methods to resolve conflicts;


  1. To provide a comprehensive range of opportunities for parents to become informed and involved;


  1. To provide a description and explanation of the curriculum, assessment and expected proficiency requirements;


  1. To encourage each faculty/staff member to develop and implement a personal plan to establish and support parent involvement practices within their respective classrooms or job setting;


  1. To develop homework practices that foster successful learning experiences for parent and child;


  1. To assess the needs of families and design training opportunities that addresses these needs;


  1. To assess the professional development needs of staff members and provide training opportunities designed to strengthen staff involvement with parents;


  1. To coordinate services with the school counselor, social services and community agencies to address key family issues;


  1. To recognize the diversity of family structures, circumstances and responsibilities, including differences that might hinder parent participation;


  1. To develop a Parent – Teacher Compact agreement designed to outline the role of parents, child and school personnel in the shared responsibility for learning;


To work constructively with school level PTOs and other parents organizations to actively involve parents in their child’s school.




The State of Mississippi compulsory attendance law requires children ages 6-17 to attend school.   A child must be five years old on or before September 1 to enroll in kindergarten.  A child must be six years old on or before September 1 to enroll in first grade. (Ref. §37-13-1; See School Board Policy JBC) 



Children of legal age whose parents or legal guardians are residents of this school district are eligible to attend school. In the case of separated or divorced parents, court orders and decrees involving custody of children will be the determining factor for school enrollment and residency.


All students wishing to enroll in Okolona School District must provide the following documentation to the school when enrolling:

  1. Certified Birth Certificate
  2. Mississippi Permanent Certificate of Immunization Compliance
  3. District Residency Registration Form

(Minimum of two required for all students)

(1)    Filed Homestead Exemption Application form;

(2)    Mortgage Documents or property deed;

(3)    Apartment or home lease;

(4)    Utility bills;

(5)    Driver’s license

(6)    Voter precinct identification;

(7)    Automobile registration;

(8)    Affidavit and/or personal visit by a designated school district official;

(9)    Any other documentation that will objectively and unequivocally establish that the parent or legal guardian resides within the school district; and, in the case of a student living with a legal guardian who is a bona fide resident of the school district;

(10)Certified copy of filed petition for guardianship if pending and final decree when granted.


Students in grades 1-12 must also provide the following to enroll:

  1. Report Card
  2. Name and Address of Former School Attended
  3. Update residency, contact, and corporal punishment form

* It is the parent’s responsibility to submit the corporal punishment form (for their student) to the main office during registration.


Note:  The district no longer requires a student’s social security number for enrollment; however, we would appreciate your sharing this information which will be kept in a secure document file.




No student may enroll in or attend any school except in the school district of his/her residence, unless such child be lawfully transferred from the school district of his/